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26 Responses

  1. John Roby

    Can you tell me how I can contribute to the children on the Indian reservation that Diane Sawyer did the show on?

    John Roby

  2. Karen Threadgill

    I am a student at University of Tennessee in Martin, TN and I am doing a report on Life on Today’s Reservations. I did watch the Diane Sawyer show and hate that the Native Americans are stilll living this nightmare. I was wondering if you had any information on the different reservations around the country. I have found plenty on the casinos and such but I really want to have the truth as to what life is like for the majority of people. Is it like what Diane reported? Are their any plans or things that are in the works to help? Any information or direction would be greatly appreciated

    • Laurel Boucher

      Hello Karen,
      My name is SiSwinKlae, english name is Laurel Boucher. Part native or first people and adopted into Tulalip family (Snohomish), from the NW Coast (WA state). Many of the tribes have been living in extreme proverty for over one hundred years. Casinos have been able to bring some elevation to the poor economies, however, many familis are still below and at povery levels. Although good for Native communities economy, casinos also brought hightened levels of illegal activities and crime. Do you know that First People women and children are the most marginalized U.S. citizens, in that they are the most victimized to violent crime? Not only have the treaties been broken very often in the years following the signings, the treaties are still being broken today. The Lakota Sioux of Pine Ridge, are being held to a government law, that prohibits the tribe from developing any business, small or other. This prevents the tribe from creating any sustainable revenue. (The Lakota isn’t allowed to build a casino or even a convenience store)! There is much to discover in Indian country that is very corrupt and contributes to keeping the first people down/oppressed. It must be said, the perseverence and strength of the First People throughtout the country has, and, continues to reveal itself through the beauty and pride each of the tribes (those recognized by the government and those who the government refuses to acknowledge) maintains and shares through the knowledge of culture. Gathering up the knowlege is an eminent challenge at this time. The lifting up through, and out of years of genocide and other abuses has not halted the invaluable knowledge of first people of the planet, and the universe, and our Creator. Praise all that is good. We would suggest looking into the reservations near where you live. Many years ago, we visited a Cherokee Rez in the Smokey Mountains. Beautiful land and people, poverty at that time was prevalent. Please always remember what our elders have taught, “Our People are not just about beads and feathers, we are the most about, respect and acknowledgement”. Thank you for the interest and contact. Take good Care.

  3. Agustina C. Eiff

    I am the chairperson of International Night, a multicultural event at Margaret Mead Elementary in Sammamish WA. We try to feature and honor all or most of the ethnicities represented in our school community. I strongly feel that first and fore ost we need to honor those who inhabited this generous land before us. I’m looking to contact performers who would be interested in sharing with us their art (dance, music, storytelling) on the evening of February 9. Is this something you could help us with?

    Thanks in advance.

    • admin

      Hi Agustinga,
      Its something we can hep advertise (your need for performers and your event), and I know once we advertise we can send it to some specific places that will get it to performers. Do you want to write up a blurb about it, some of the other performers or past performers, and send it to ” ” so we can get it posted for you?
      J.Serpa for SNC

  4. Darrell Phare

    I get concerned about the lack of tribal leadership in the broader Indian World. It seems that funding, just as it has in the past, determines the direction that tribes take rather than the Seventh Generation and the steps that we need take to get there, i.e. grants from WalMart to teach us about healthy food systems in OUR communities? (everything you buy there is GMO or otherwise unhealthy); where we continue to feed our people commodity foods, the welfare program for the agri-corporations where their sub-standard, GMO and otherwise adulterated foods are distributed to America’s poor for premium prices; Programs where we send our impressionable youth to learn about economies and resource management from Bank of America. Where is our political leadership that helps native People speak with one voice against the rape of First Nation land for tar sands; the XL Pipeline that will carve a swath of destruction, bisecting the lower 49, the murder of 20 in the last year and a half of the keepers of knowledge in the Rainforests of Peru because they dare to speak out about the loss of their aboriginal lands, their medicines, their cultures, their lives. When will we stop encouraging our youth to enlist in this immoral Empiracle war machine? Our veterans of the Indian Wars have all passed, were they not replenished by our modern Vets? did they not fight for Indian Country? When will we act like our ancestors and promote what we feel will protect our future? Where does this leadership come from if it doesn’t come from EVERYPLACE Indian?

  5. Beverly Owens

    would like information regarding the 2012 Northwest Indian Youth Conference

  6. staff

    Rainbow of Ribbons org. will be having a powwow honoring ALL native American women Veterans on Sept. 29,2012 at Auburn Senior High School 800 Fourth St. Auburn, Wa. Grand entry: 1&7pm Sat Sept 29,2012. This is a traditional family event. ZERO tolerance of drugs and alcohol. All veterans are encourage to partiscipate. Open to the public. a dinner is planned for the women veterans at the Duwamish Longhouse Sept.30,2012. Let’s all support our women veterans!!!!!!!

  7. robert jackson (Quinault)

    Augstina, you are in the Duwamish Nation homeland. see

    duwamish web site & history

    Agustina C. Eiff says:

    December 14, 2011 at 10:28 am

    I am the chairperson of International Night, a multicultural event at Margaret Mead Elementary in Sammamish WA. We try to feature and honor all or most of the ethnicities represented in our school community. I strongly feel that first and fore ost we need to honor those who inhabited this generous land before us. I’m looking to contact performers who would be interested in sharing with us their art (dance, music, storytelling) on the evening of February 9. Is this something you could help us with?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Jocelyn Vote

    Mr. McCracken, I am the 21st Century After-school coordinator on the Laguna Pueblo in NM. I would like to find out more about the program you have to earn shoes for our children. I do have a health & wellness class as part of my program and we would love to be able to earn a pair of shoes. We are a small tribe, but we have big hearts. Please let me know. Thank you so much, Jocelyn Vote

  9. Bridgette Hulsey

    My name is Bridgette Hulsey and I am a student at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. I am currently taking a class called Culturl Diversity, and we had to choose a culture different from our own to study; I chose Alaska Natives! One part of my assignment is to interview an Alaska Native about their life, along with opinions and if they face any type of discrimination. Could someone please help me?
    Thank you!

  10. Etta

    I would like information concerning the up coming conference for 2013..ANYBODY???

  11. Starr

    This may seem odd but I am trying to find the picture of the two teepees in the snow by the river. Does anyone know the artist? I found it on your site, was hoping someone had an answer :)

  12. Larinda


    I am looking for Native American Dancers to perform at our Cub Scout Day Camp in Auburnm, WA. Can you give me any leads/contact information for groups who might be willing to do this?

    Thanks for your help.


  13. Anne Walters-Cooke

    I’m interested in volunteering with UIATF. I’ve worked with the Indians into Medicine (INMED) program at UND for four summers as a counselor and am hoping to get involved with similar work in the Pacific Northwest. Any suggestions? I’ve already sent an email to “” but haven’t received any information.
    Thanks and I appreciate any help you have to offer!

  14. Fred Kole

    We have purchased 2 of John Romero’s paintings and would like to obtain another. However, we have not been able to locate him. Would you be able to send us an email or other information so that we can contact him?

    Thank you,

    Fred Kole

  15. How can I post a job opening the tribe has on your site?

  16. Kayla Graham


    I used to work with the Native Club at Nathan Hale HS, which is how I learned of your amazing Clear Sky meetings for youth. I have students at my current school who are native and I really want to get them hooked up with the native community.

    Since the Indian Heritage school was shut down, where are the Clear Sky meetings being held? I’m hoping to get some kids out to the meetings.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    Kayla Graham

  17. Kim

    Hi, I have been trying to get some of the positions we have posted removed (posted back in Sept 2015) and post our current positions and have received no response. I noted there are several positions posted that are really old and I am wondering if anyone is currently maintaining the job website? This is a great resource for reaching out to potential candidates and I would hate to see it go away. Could you please give me the contact name/number of the individual that may be able to assist me? Thanks! Kim

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